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you own stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting research on g.w. . news live from berlin a big step forward for deescalation on the korean peninsula north korea pledges to dismantle. its nuclear weapons and allow corn and experts to observe we'll go live to seoul for the latest also coming up. outrage in spain over gang rape verdict thousands take to the streets to protest the acquittal fines that accused
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of raping a young woman in the city of homs long during the bull running passible in two thousand and sixteen. and restoring peace and quiet to the. city has come up with a novel way to reduce crowding the presidents are sick and tired of the massive numbers of visitors wandering through their city at busy times now that has come up with a plan to stem the tide story. welcome to the program near days after the historic summit between north and south korea pyongyang says it's prepared to shut down its underground nuclear test site next month this is according to officials in seoul they say the north is also prepared to end. experts and foreign media to the site at hungary to ensure the process is
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transparent and a groundbreaking summit on friday north korean leader kim jong il and south korean president pledged to officially end the state of war between their two countries and rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons and u.s. president donald trump says a meeting between him and him will take place between three to four weeks. you know for more let's go to solve our correspondent jason strother is standing by jason the north says it's prepared to shut down the nuclear test site in mere weeks what more can you tell us about this new development. of it and lee kim jong moon said this to moon jay and during there some of this is all relayed today by president moon's office there of course there's been some speculation over the functionality of this of the three sites however kim jong un says that he's ready to bring
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international observers journalists whoever to watch this site get closed down sometime in may and that presumably means complete dismantlement they're saying that they're going to shut the site down within mere weeks what do we know about the north north korean nuclear site. right well it's built under a mountain and there are four tunnels that are that the point grace a site is made of the first two tunnels seem to be an active based on satellite imagery collected by observers at johns hopkins university the second tunnel was used during north korea's biggest nuclear test last september its sixth nuclear test and since then there's been no activity but two other sites the south and west tunnel do seem to be be functional according to observers now jason when the news came on friday that kim jong un had agreed to denuclearize at the enter korea
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summit there why skepticism how can we interpret this sudden change in a long held position from the north korean regime and developing and keeping nuclear weapons i'm not so sure this was a real a real turnaround for pyongyang i mean ever since north and south korea have engaged in talks dating back thirty years these kind of promises to have a nuclear free korean peninsula to work toward a peace treaty these are things that have always been agreed upon and i'm reminded and kim jong un saying during the summit that he's ready to dismantle the nuclear test site this reminds me of what happened back in two thousand and seven during the previous korean enter some injury in summit similar pledges were made and in two thousand and eight north korea did demolish the equaling tower at the time tony a reactor only to rebuild it some years later and continue to make more nuclear warheads now if we look ahead we mentioned that trump has said that he's looking
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forward to meeting came within mere weeks what can we expect in that meeting. well you know i think the agenda was pretty much set on friday during the moon kim summit no one was expecting any breakthroughs to come through but i think now north korea least the pledges that north korea has made to denuclearize and dismantle its very nuclear test site at least gives washington the ability to say look kim is earning the talk with donald trump so let's move ahead but still we don't know exactly when or even aware that summit will take place jason strother in seoul thank you for your insight thank you. tens of thousands of protesters have rallied across spain to condemn a court ruling which has cleared five men of gang raping a young woman at the twenty sixteen running festival and pump one up it fell in the incident and then bragged about it on what's up demonstrators say sentencing the
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man for the last or offense of sexual abuse which carries jail sentences of nine years each is not enough the victim and her lawyers are appealing the verdict i the court's ruling has unleashed a wave of anger around spain i was five protesters insist the verdict is too lenient and that too often it felt like the victim was the one on trial i would say there are so many incoherencies of the sentence the justice system is still patriarchal it blames oft rather than protecting us even though they think they must kill us we don't want to be scared to go out at night but we always are it's horrible and unfair but even you seem to still get it i think crime took place during the annual san fermin bull running festival in pamplona back in two thousand and sixteen amid the drinking and revelry prosecutors allege five men led an eighteen year old woman into
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a building where they raped her filmed themselves in the act and then stole her mobile phone but judges stopped short of ruling the comment says it's now considering changing how spanish law defines break. any change to the laws must be well thought out and all political parties must participate in out that's our will proceed because as she said i i with protests to continue so too is the court case that's driving them lawyers for both the prosecution and defense say they're going to appeal the ruling i. have some of the other stories making news around the world our media governing party says it will not put forward a new candidate for prime minister. resignation a week ago the move is seen as a bid to ease tensions following weeks of antigovernment protests opposition leader . is now the only candidate in parliament will make
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a selection on tuesday. a french museum has discovered that more than half its collection are fakes police in the town of they are investigating how the gallery which is dedicated to french painter. ended up with eighty two counterfeit paintings it paid some one hundred sixty thousand euros for the drawings and watercolors investigators say works by other artists could also be affected. larry harvey the founder of the burning man arts festival has died in the united states tens of thousands of people attend the annual the bottom gatherings he started in the one nine hundred ninety s. it concluded with the burning of a giant effigy family and friends have called him a visionary and mentor who challenged others to view the world in new ways he was seventy years old with cars full of stuff that is one of europe's most popular cities with tourists but what was once a blessing has become a curse according to many of its residents they're sick of the huge numbers of
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visitors who traipse through their city every day they say tourist destruct normal life for locals but not for much longer because the italian city has come up with a way to turn back some tourists at peak times it's testing out this long holiday weekend. the city of gondor was of canals. and of overcrowding. last year nearly thirty million people visited venice many flocking to see the same famous sites but this week their path may be blocked responding to complaints from local residents the city's mayor has installed automated gates to control the flow of pedestrians through the most well trodden areas. but i don't think it's a good idea for a city we cannot accept mass unchecked tourism tourism should be unintrusive this abbey. although gates remain open much of the time police can shut them to divert foot traffic to other areas when the streets become too crowded but as visitors to
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venice continue to come in larger numbers the small city is urging tourists to think before they visit. we are advising tourists who want to spend a single day in venice to avoid coming on the most popular days. if the mayor succeeds local venetians may win back some peace and quiet. here in germany the bluntest league a season is going down to the wire for clubs walked in the relegation scrap on saturday last place cologne headed to freiburg needing a win to have any hope of avoiding the drop and with the hosts also fighting for their lives it was not going to be an easy day for either side. this classic six point game got moving fast fry books mike france with the crust a newspaper sim who opened the scoring in the fourteenth minutes t.-mo horne with no chance. and patterson threatened again marco herger resorting to a foul to stop him penalty but christian going to couldn't convert one near lead
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half time soon after the restart cologne suffered another blow pietersen once again fribourg mr reliable i reasoned past the many kinds to hit the target to nail pietersen has scored seven or freiburg last eight goals colognes attack looks toothless until the eighty second minute that is that's when ford came at a fed the ball to layer not open court who volleyed into make it to one and out of nowhere the billy goats were back in the game. between cortez scored in three straight games and he wasn't done yet. to all as he headed in the cross from my cell research. it was now anyone's game and less than a minute later fribourg created a crazy double chance first team horns an idea in aqaba before dominic moto stopped to look at her there's a rebound on the line that wasn't the last word from fribourg however robin cox
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header landed at the feet of her father who netted is first one just league goal. three to the final score. an important win for fribourg and the six time cologne have been relegated from the bundesliga. clock and among things to get all those people kind of prepared for this off to spending the whole season at the bottom and but we always kept hoping it's a bitsa day today. colognes fans were loyal to the end and next season they'll be cheering on their teams campaign to return to the top flight. another relegation scrap saw wolfsburg lose three want to home to hamburg who now have three wins in four matches bobby woods' penalty kick open the scoring for the visitors and three minutes later lewis holtby headed in another in the second half of broncos free kick sailed past everyone to give wolfsburg some hope but an added time
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a blocked penalty kick fell to the feet of luke about schmidt who put the match away for hamburg right there. and in saturday's late game stoke art shot champions league hopefuls laver cresent christiane get settled the game in the visitors favor with this being header in the sixty seventh minute the defeat means that i go hellish is men slip into fifth one point behind often haim who now occupy the last champions league spot jakarta meanwhile are already guaranteed another season in the bundesliga. so let's take a look at all the bonus legal action so far on match day thirty two as we just lost a car in saturday's lake game a crucial win for hamburg and freiburg as well wrapping it up late with a three two win over cologne byron munich beat frankfurt berlin drew without two to
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another tie between. on friday night hoffenheim hand over three one later today mines will face leipzig and braman battle dortmund so let's see what all that means for the bundesliga table for now hoffenheim have taken the fourth champions league spot away from laver cruzan but it's still very much up for grabs in the bottom half freiburg take a big step towards safety the same goes for hamburg though for now they are still in the drop zone with already relegated cologne. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you north korea says it will dismantle. its nuclear weapon next month south korean officials. also promise to let us watch to ensure transparency the news comes after a groundbreaking summit leaders from both countries promised to officially end the war between their countries. thousands of people have
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marched to protest across spain after five men were cleared of rape instead they have been found guilty of the lesser crime of sexual abuse the men who call themselves assaulted an eighteen year old woman and twenty sixteen. and thanks for joining us. see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast to language courses in the d.w. media center at media center dot d.w. dot com.


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